Sunday, June 22, 2014

God You ARE the Boss of Me

It’s so amazing that we get so caught up in our plans, we work hard to make decisions that make sense to us, that provide for our families, that massage our egos and that speak to our dreams and ambitions…and that’s okay, until those plans have not one iota in common with what God’s plans are. Hmmm…

We often find ourselves bumping against brick walls and obstacles and the more we insist on our way we find nothing but death ears and quicksand up to our knees. No matter how powerful we are or how successful we are; no matter what leadership positions we hold and heaven forbid, how intelligent we are…GOD is still in control. It’s Christianity 101 after all. We as His followers learn this the moment we yield our lives and take his name as ours.

Thank God that He is gentle and loving in his reminding us of the fact, that yes, HE is the boss, He is the Author and Finisher and absolutely everything belongs to Him! We all have had little lessons that have served as reminders of his sovereignty and I’m sure there will be more lessons to come.

What sweet relief and abundant blessings come when we yield to His will for our lives and allow Him to control those things in our lives especially when they aren’t in accordance with our well laid out scheme of what we would dictate for ourselves.  In the end all we can say is, thank you God for not being heavy handed with us but instead, showing us loving mercy as you guide us back to center where you can once again take the reigns and work Your perfect will for our lives.

Yes God, YOU are the boss of me!