Prayer Page

Dear Lord,

We have come to the end of another year and we kneel before you in thanksgiving and praise. We honor you as our Lord and Savior. We thank you for sending your Son to ransom us from a life of eternal death. This year we faced so many things and yet you had already made plans for our victory before the battles. You comforted us during our lonely dark hours and you held us while we cried bitter tears of grief as we said goodbye to loved ones. As you called some home you blessed us with new life as we welcomed births, and marriages. Lord, you made the impossible possible, you increased our territories and restored the broken and weak places in our lives. As we say goodbye to the old we pray that you would order our steps into the new. We pray for wisdom so that we do not mistakenly believe that our blessings are the result of our goodness. We acknowledge you, Lord as a God of mercy and grace and it is not who we are but who's we are. Open our eyes dear God so that we can seek you more clearly. Open our ears so that we can hear your voice and give us clean hearts to follow you. We are nothing without you. We are filthy rags and so, we say Lord please have mercy! Forgive us of our sins, we repent and are so sorry for the things we failed to do, for the the lost souls we didn't not win and for our despicable, ugly actions against one another. Clean us and make us whole! We love you and we give you all the Glory, Honor and Praise for loving us, protecting us, providing for us and for filling us with your Holy presence. There is no other God like you and we will place nothing and no one before you! Hear our prayers, oh Lord as we pray in your Son Jesus' Name!