Thursday, December 4, 2008

Now Faith

"Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see." Hebrews 11:1 NIV

I recently joined the ranks of the unemployed, joining the thousands of American citizens looking for work in a failing economy. When I was told a month before my job ended that my position was being eliminated, I smiled inside, resolving not to be defeated by the news. You see, I had faith. Faith that everything was going to work out to my advantage. I was determined that this was not a proclamation of doom and defeat, but instead a fortelling of blessings on the way. Since I had been looking for a new job for sometime, I stepped up my pace, certain that some other opportunity would come just in the nick of time. I had faith, see. I ferverently testified, with righteous indignation, perched upon my imaginary soap box, that I would be just fine; that God had my back, that the closing of one door meant the opening of another, yada, yada, yada... You see, I had faith!
So, as the days passed and I defiantly crossed off the days on my calendar mounted on the wall for all to see, I made plans for what I would do once I was free from my dead end job. I applied for jobs on the internet and quickly received calls for two interviews which I nailed if I must say so myself! As the month end neared I still hadn't heard back from either interview and none of my other resumes and applications seemed to spark any interests. Still undaunted, I kept the faith. Then the test came; my computer at home crashed which meant I would have to replace it. Then while on my way home from work one evening I had a blow out on the freeway which required me to buy 4 new tires. None of this was in my non-existent budget. I did all the right things, even applying for my unemployment on my last day of work. So, because I had faith, I wasn't going to let these minor glitches bother me, why, because I had faith.
Now, with a little over a month of being unemployed, I am beginning to question the faith that I so boldly claimed just a month ago. I must admit, it's been a tough go over the last few weeks but I'm still holding on to the belief that God still has my back and that everything happens for a reason. Sure, I have nervous moments, sad and frutstated moments, but I must admit that God has kept me and provided for my every need. Just when I need him most he provides! I've learned a valuable lesson through this ordeal, however, and that is, that it's easy to talk about faith but it's a lot harder to walk by faith. I've also learned that it's a moment by moment walk in the dark because you don't know what's up ahead. You have to trust that whatever is up ahead God will meet you there and give you what you need to sucessfully meet the challenge. I still have no idea what this next chapter in my life will bring, but I'm confident, and encouraged that whatever it is, I will not have to deal with it alone. So in faith, I say thanks to God for victory over lifes obstacles.
Be Blessed...


Anonymous said...

I know the feeling...this post came right on time for me! Thank you!

Anonymous said...

I totally understand exactly what you mean. I've been without work for over 3 mths without knowing when my next position or how I am going to get my next position. I do know that I am willing and able. So, knowing that, I know things will be alright. Thanks for sharing your faith testimony. Denise