Friday, October 9, 2009

Don't Wait

The following poem is from my latest book, entitled "Honoring My Father" to be released at year's end. I thought it appropriate for today. This is dedicated to all of us who sometimes forget to tell those we love just how we feel and when it's too late and they cannot hear our words we feel a deep sense of loss and guilt for not siezing life's precious moments to show each other that we care. Life is but a vapor, only here for a short while and then it's gone. My words to myself and to everyone today is, Don't Wait!

Kind words falling
on deaf ears.
Kind deeds that
cannot be seen.

Why did we wait so long?

Life’s warm breath
Has now grown cold
Time goes on
Without us.

Still we wait until it’s too late.

You must have known
How we felt
Even though we never
uttered the words.

Why did we withhold
this precious gift?
Our silence, our shame
and our regret.

The length of our days
a mystery, tomorrow,
not ours to claim.

We can no longer wait
must seize the moment
Before it’s too late
To say,
“I love you.”

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