Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentine's Day!

Today is Valentines Day and couples all over the world have chosen this day to recognize each other. This is the day when no expense is spared and no gesture is too corny, to express love to that special person in our lives. I'm reminded each year at this time, of a saying my oldest brother Kenneth, used to always say, that I must admit, didn't make much sense to me when I first heard him say it, but now I really get the meaning. Long ago, before he was even married, he'd often say, "Love is not what you say, it's what you do with your time." Okay, I thought, whatever, man. But as time went on, it made perfect sense. Love is far more than words, it's action. It's not a noun, but a verb. Anyone can say I love you but what does the behavior that follows really say? As Valentines has come and no doubt will quickly pass, I am reminded of the greatest love ever shown me. That love was shown threw one selfless act that leaves no doubt in my mind of just how much I am loved. God sent His only son to die for my sins and the sins of the whole world. I didn't even have to deserve it, good thing too, because I didn't. I am so thankful to God for his love and his mercy. So, I decided that today I would show my love to God by remembering to stop and say thank you for all that he's done for me. I'm going to strive to be more like his Son who so willingly gave his life for us. Wow, can you just imagine if we took time, a whole day even to show God just what he means to us?

So, today, on February 14, 2008, I'm going to give flowers of kindness to someone who may need a helping hand and words of encouragement that will leave the taste of sweet chocolate in my mouth and a smile on the face of the receiver. God has been so good to us and we ought to at least try to be a little kinder, gentler, and sweeter to one another, even for just one day.

Have a great Valentine's Day to all and may we all continue to be challenged to love one another the way God has shown his love to us!

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