Thursday, March 27, 2008

Baby, It's Cold Outside

As I grow in faith I realize that my spiritual quarters have become cramped. What used to be comfortable is now bulging at the seams. My head is constantly hitting the ceiling and my legs are hanging over the edge of my bed making rest nearly impossible. Spiritual growth makes us uncomfortable and curious about what lies beyond familiar boundaries. That discomfort is God's call for us to get busy doing His work. Christians who are truly seeking God cannot sit idle lounging in the land of familiarity and safety. We must do more than look over the fence at what we could be, now is the time to engage our strengthened muscles and begin to do some heavy lifting.

The thought of leaving the nice warm confines of the "box" is scary to say the least, but it's necessary none the less. Continued growth can only take place in an environment where there is room to spread out. Growth means maturity and maturity sets us up for God's increase. The gifts that we all possess were not meant to lie dormant and unused. Each one of us has work to do in God's plan. Will the work be hard? Yes indeed but the reward is the abundance of God's mercy and grace. God will never give us a job that we cannot handle. He provides the talents, the work equipment, the location and the knowledge to get the job done. Our faith in Him will keep us warm on those nights when we may fear that we can't do what God is asking us to do.

God is calling us to step outside and move beyond the boundaries of spiritual, emotional and physical comfort. We will need to walk by faith and not by sight and walk in places that may be cold and dark and unexplored but in His plan, the victory has already been won. So, we are actually walking toward what God has already established and guaranteed for us his children. No matter what we think we have to offer, God can take our "little" and use it to accomplish great things. So, let us put on our winter clothing which is God's Holy word, and leave the confines of our small familiar places and stretch and grow and get busy for our Lord and Savior!

Be Blessed.

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