Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Lord, Hear Our Prayer...

Dear Heavenly Father,
We come this morning desiring to start our day with You. We thank you for watching over us as we slept, totally unaware of the dangers around us, but fully confident in You as our protector and provider. Lord, we thank you for your mercy and for your love. Without You, Lord, we would surely perish. As this day unfolds we ask that you would equip us with all that we will need to answer the challenges that this day will bring our way. Give us the courage to live uncompromising lives for you. As we stand in the midst of uncertain times, lost jobs, lost homes and uncertain futures, we thank you, for in the midst of our trials we can still see you working on our behalf. We see that you have not let us drown in the sea of dispair for we still have hope that these times of difficulty is just for a season and when that morning comes we will be brand new! Lord, how awesome you are for we are still here, inspite of those who would destroy us! Lord, we are still here, even though the world would have us believe that it's all over. We are still here to declare to the world that God is our rock and our salvation! Forgive us Lord, for the sins that we have committed by thought, word or deed. We are sorry and repent with every ounce of our being. Lord, increase our faith to step beyond our borders and beyond our comfort zones to win souls to your kingdom. These things we pray in your son Jesus' name, Amen.

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