Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Extreme Makeover

being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus. -Philippians 1:6

One of my favorite reality shows is Extreme Makeover, Home Edition. In each episode a team of designers travel to a designated location to surprise a family with a home makeover. The winning family is chosen from hundreds of families that have sent in video appeals for help in repairing their homes that have fallen into disrepair due to some catastrophic event in their lives. Once the team arrives and loudly announces their arrival the happy family (fully dressed, hair combed...hmm I never could understand that, but anyway) runs out screaming, shouting and crying with joy in great anticipation of what is about to come. The team leader then takes a tour of the home and surveys the situation. Once he has a grasped on what is needed he then gathers the rest of his team, they formulate a plan to construct a new home in seven days. The family is sent on a fabulous vacation and the work begins. Next the builder and hundreds of volunteers demolish the old home after which the debris is cleaned up and taken away to make room for the new construction and in seven days a new home stands where the old home used to be. When the family returns they are overjoyed as the brand new home stands as a symbol of a new beginning for their lives. Just when the family and the viewers think that the show is about to end until next week, the star of the show announces an extra surprise; either the builder or bank has decided to pay off the mortgage or someone steps forward to pay off a major bill or provide a years supply of something that will make the family's life even better.
This so reminds me of what can happen in our lives. When we've done all that we can do and it seems like the more we try the worse things get we finally come to the conclusion that only God can do what only God can do. So, we pray and request that God and his team of angels come down and perform an extreme makeover on our lives. Perhaps we are struggling with an addiction or find ourselves struggling with health and family issuses or drowning in a sea of hoplessness; whatever it is, God hears and in His way comes, takes a tour of our lives and performs his own Extreme Makeover. The good news is that God's plan has already been designed with a special place reserved just for us. He demolishes the strong holds and takes away the rubbish of sin, fear, doubt and clears a place in our hearts and in our lives where rebuilding can begin. Those things that we thought we could never live without suddenly have no importance and we begin to desire instead God's will and instruction. As God is steadily working and rebuilding, he sends us on a vacation of peace; those sleepless nights are replaced with sound rest and those worries are wiped away. So, after the foundation is laid and our new stronger structure is in place God knows that the real work of sustaining our new lives begins, so he leaves us His Holy Spirit and His Holy Word to get us through those times when we begin to feel weak again. Unlike the bankers, and the design team who pay the debt after the job is done, God sent his Son who paid the debt for our salvation before the work began!
I am so thankful that God saw in me something worth saving and redeeming. He stood waiting patiently for me to send my request for help and when I think about what He's done for me and with me I can't help but go running, shouting and screaming in praise and thanksgiving! My makeover is an ongoing process of demolition, cleanup and rebuilding this I know. God, the Master Designer has so mercifully included me in his plans with provisions that make my rennovation one that is on time, and built on a foundation of love, mercy and grace. Thank you God for hearing my plea and making me over like only You can.
Until We Meet Again...

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