Monday, May 3, 2010


(Sunday, May 9, 2010 is Mothers Day and with that in mind I thought I'd pay tribute to Mothers-This poem is an excerpt from my book, "A Tribute to Mothers.")

From your womb I sprang into a world
That could never love me like you.
Your eyes held all the hopes and dreams
That only your mind could conceive.
Perfection looked just like me and
No one could tell you otherwise.

Encouraging me to take my first step
Secretly wiping away the tears that
Had only begun to flow as you knew
That one step would become many.
Learning the hard way the only way
And life would bring me back to you.

Eyes wide open resisting the wisdom
You wanted to share with your firstborn.
Knowing the mistakes I was destined to make.
So patiently you waited and prayed.
“Lord, protect my child.” Whispered
daily in God’s listening ear.

Now I’m here and you are gone
but not forgotten and my heart aches
Remembering the lessons you feared
I didn’t learn yet I carry them in my heart.
Today I am a Mother and those tears, those
lessons and those prayers are mine now
“Lord, protect my child.” I whisper
daily in God’s listening ear.

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