Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Rude Believers by Marshall H. Fields, III

Welcome and thank you to Guest Blogger Marshall Fields for consenting to write our year end edition of Writer's Stew!  Marshall currently resides in Phoenix Arizona where he attends law school. 

 I believe that Christians are called to be calm, polite, unassuming and gentle...or at least that's what I've been taught-since the days of Vacation Bible School and Children's Church. I also believe that believers are called to be like doves, PEACEFUL in almost everything we do...ALMOST everything.

Interestingly enough, those I look up to in the church, tell me that in these days of "recession" (recession, a place where peace is often obstructed from view) to "keep WAITING for (my) breakthrough." 

So I wait. PATIENTLY, I wait. I wait like the lady, on the 90's commercial, standing in front of the department store, talking to the doors, saying, "open, open, open, open." Standing there, as if my breakthrough owed me something. I wait...as if waiting, itself, is the prerequisite for my breakthrough to become inspired! Inspired to the point where it gets up, walks to the door I stand in front of, and presents itself to me...

What's funny is, it would seem as if, in the example above, my breakthrough would be doing more work than I myself intended to do.

Fortunately, but unfortunately, because I serve an ENORMOUS God, my breakthrough is OBESE! It has NO PLANS on getting up off the couch freely. And it has zero plans on doing it before it's soaps go off. 

So now I must become a RUDE CHRISTIAN!

Knowing that, what's in this house belongs to me, I refuse to WAIT. I refuse, because in no other situation where my valuables are being kept from me, would I wait.

So I KNOCK! I knock loudly! I put in the work that shows the Lord that I've recognized the location of my valuables. I do this by applying to schools that others believe that I have no shot at attending. I do that through applying to jobs that everyone says I am too uneducated to get, to poor to be considered for, and too small to carry.

I twist the knob and then work my way around to the window of my blessing, to obtain entry. I do this by daring to dream that I can be the next President of the United States of America. I do this by smiling in the face of those who wish the worst for me, in order to keep enough peace, long enough to step past them, unscathed.

So no waiting...I do all of this without waiting for the response of another because the only permission I needed, I gained, when He died on the cross and called me by His name.


Cynthia Carlisle Fields said...

What a powerful, thought-provoking word!

Vanessa said...

Awesome Word. Thank you so much!